About Me

Photography is expression of freedom,
is flying without wings and a gateway through which
I admire the beauty of the nature.

Photographer / Photoshop Master Editor

Isabella M.

Devoted to pursuing a long-standing passion for photography and desire to express my visual communications across many forms of photography.
Hardworking with the technical skills and knowledge throughout the process of retouching, I simultaneously gained extensive experience in editing with proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

I make pictures to challenge, calm, excite and satisfy my mind and heart.
My enthusiasm for photography had increased steadily over the years, I xperimented constantly and read voraciously different technics as HDR first and exposure blending through fine channel selections after, and they opened my eyes to the possibilities of photography as art.

I passionated to vivid and sharpness colors to capture the subtle details of the natural world.
I believe that great photographs are a subtle gateway through habitual thinking to wonders of the universe we inhabit.